Why is Vegas so popular?

Las Vegas is reputed to be rank 28th in terms of population size in the USA, while it is the most populated in Nevada State. The city is renowned for several activities, all of which have made the city a major destination for people from around the world. Chances are that you have heard the mention of Las Vegas several times and you might be wondering why the city is very popular. This article will discuss some of the reasons why Las Vegas is very popular.

Resort City

Las Vegas is regarded as a resort city. This implies that it is an urban area where people love to vacation or travel for tourism. The implication is that vacationing and tourism is a major component of the local economy and culture. It is estimated that about 42.9 million people visited the Southern part of Nevada where Las Vegas is located in 2016. The amount spent by visitors was estimated at 35.5 billion USD. Thus, the status of Las Vegas as a resort city makes it a popular tourist destination in the world.


One of the ways people have fun and make money at the same time is through gambling. Las Vegas is reputed to rank no 1 among cities in terms of the number of casinos and the number of people who visit to play casino. Thus, any gambler or casino lover who is yet to visit Las Vegas would be missing a lot.


The city of Las Vegas features several nice shopping malls where tourists carry out shopping activity. It is a shoppers’ haven as there are several items you can shop for in the city. There are flagship designer stores and outlets that have products and bargains that would fulfill every desire of a shopaholic. The shoppers are also often astounded by sounds and sights of top malls in the city.

Fine Dining

Food is something we all want to experience whenever we travel. We want to have access to delicious food, and we hope that the cities or towns we are visiting will have great tasting local cuisine. You can be sure to enjoy the dining activities in Las Vegas as there are many exquisite restaurants where you can eat local and other meals in the city. Some of the meals you want to have a taste of when you are visiting Las Vegas include Honey toast, Khao soi, Consomme logo, and Cochinita pibil tacos, Hot N Juicy Style Shrimp, Hot N Juicy Crawfish, Chicken fingers as well as The riserva steak. You can read reviews about Best of Vegas to know which eatery you can enjoy these delicacies as well as other things to do in Vegas and other places to visit.


The city of Las Vegas features a lot of shows that you are going to enjoy. All you have to do is check out for available shows close in Las Vegas when you are visiting and attend some of them. Some of the major shows that you should see if you are lucky they are on during the period you are in the city include Blue Man Group, Magic Mike reputed to be Las Vegas hottest show, Mat Franco, VEGAS!, Le Reve, Absinthe and “O”.


Las Vegas has one of the best night lives in the world. There are many places you can visit for nightlife activity if you wish to spend the night partying or having fun. Prominent among such places include HeadzUP Vegas, Player 1 Video Game Bar, Conservatory & Botanical Garden, Fremont Street Experience, Eiffel Tower Experience, Neon Museum, AREA15, and Escape Vegas XXX.